We are committed to providing services and resources to help Christians on every part of their journey. It is our mandate to provide nonjudgmental, honest and loving intervention through:


Churches and ministries will have the opportunity to hear compelling truths about emotions and its relationship to our wellbeing. Alice uses stories, humor, role playing and other strategies to illustrate how we can effectively overcome our emotional toxicity in relationships.


Pastors can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the emotional demands of their leaders, staff, congregation and even their own families. Our Train the Trainer workshop is specifically designed for pastors and their unique roles as Shepherds within the church. Our trainers have extensive experience working with pastors and utilize relevant case studies and realistic depictions of a Pastor's life. Workshops are offered throughout the year at various locations. Check out our Workshop schedule online to register.


Christian counselors can find biblical yet evidence based curriculums to use with Christians who struggle with emotional issues. Our practical hands on teaching are easy to follow and can be implemented into any practice. We consider ourselves a family of Christian counselors who have come together for the sake of helping other Christians overcome their emotional problems. Workshops are offered throughout the year at various locations. Check out our Workshop schedule online to register.


Congregation members can now access a reliable Christian resource to help them resolve emotional issues. The challenge empowers Christians to take some bold steps to rectify painful relationships while maintaining their Christian principles. Christianity at its best will be illustrated through role plays and demonstrations with their personal counselors. No situation will be turned away. Our counselors follow a mandate to practice non- judgmental, unconditional positive regard for all mankind, and they follow it to the highest standard.

Our counseling sessions will

  • Provide practical tools to help individuals heal from emotional pain
  • Create safe opportunities for people to share their story
  • Engage in aftercare programs to help individuals reach their goals


Along with “Living as an Emotional Millionaire,” other books and publications will be available throughout the year. Stay tuned for additional workbooks, journals and other helpful material.


What better way to tell people about Jesus than by getting them to ask you questions. Our variety of biblically provocative merchandize will make heads turn at work, on the street and everywhere you go. Every inquiry will be an opportunity for you to minister about the love of Jesus Christ. Check out our store.

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