Christian counseling is a process in which a counselor works with a client to discuss life issues in a safe non- nonjudgmental environment.

1. Can I take this challenge with my spouse or other family members?

This challenge is a special time to explore who you are, who you have been, and who you want to be. You will require a lot of self-awareness which can only be secured in time alone with you, God, and your counselor. That said, while you spouse or other family members may want explore their own emotional journey, this is a one challenge you will have to do on your own. This is all about you. This is done for many reasons. Sometimes, a spouse may be the resented or hated party and it makes it difficult for individuals to truthfully disclose the contents of their heart. In addition, working exclusively with a Christian counselor who knows nothing about you makes it easier for you to receive their feedback as objective and untainted.

2. How long would I have to work with my counselor?

The challenge is designed to be completed within 6 months. Typically counselors will suggest meeting with you anywhere from once a week to once a month. Often availability and cost are factors that impact the number of sessions agreed upon.

3. I hold a very respectable/honorable position in the church so I am extremely concerned about confidentiality. How can my concerns be appeased?

Any respectable and honorable counselor holds confidentiality to the highest standard. Both Christian and secular counselors are liable both ethically and in some cases criminally if they should breach such a standard. For your own sense of comfort, you may want to consult your counselor or do some extensive research about consequences of breaching confidentiality before proceeding with the counseling process.

4. Can I book a counseling or coaching session with Alice?

Alice is a great speaker and she gives her all during her speaking engagements to honor God and the people of God. Her speaking is her primary gift and she believes that others are better gifted and suited to take on the counseling role. For this reason, Alice does not see individuals for individual counseling or coaching.

5. Why a Christian counselor? What benefits do I get from seeing a Christian rather than a secular therapist?

While there are competent counselors in both secular and Christian based practices, Christian counselors offer some unique benefits.

  1. a) The emphasis in Christian Counseling focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as psychological principles. The marrying of Christianity and Psychology produces a richness, a truthfulness and a completeness that is rarely seen in an exclusive psychological approach.
  2. b) There is no hierarchy of power. It’s not a matter of the Christian counselor knowing more than you do. However, we know God gives different gifts to his children. When we have prayed for God to speak to us, we understand that he may do so through the stewards he has assigned for this role, primarily a professional therapist.
  3. c) As a body of believers, we experience each other as brothers and sisters. It is just a client and provider relationship. This adds an element of love and support we need as we are going through emotional difficulties.
  4. d) The Christian counselor’s understanding of humans as “holistic beings“ integrating mind, body, and spirit, brings an added element often not seen in secular treatment.

6. Can we train our own church leaders to act as counselors?

We encourage churches to form groups where people can assemble and share their experiences of going through the challenge. It is always helpful to be amongst believers who can support us in this manner. However, if an individual seeks counseling to overcome current emotional issues or trauma that has not been dealt with from their past, it is highly recommended they see a professional who can treat the complexities of emotional matters.

7. I live in a remote area. What if I can’t access a counselor within a reasonable distance?

We offer additional services like phone counseling, Skype or other services that don’t require a face to face interaction. You can inquire when you call in to book an appointment.

8. I want anonymity; do I have to use my real name?

You can definitely choose to remain anonymous if you wish. However, one of the primary barriers to emotional healing is shame. Overcoming shame by owning our behaviors and thoughts is a great contributor to our emotional recovery. Hiding behind a false name just feeds shame and deceit, and nullifies the purpose of this challenge. However, we understand everyone moves at their own pace, and it is important you stay true and faithful to what you can handle at this point in your life.

9. My father /mother or close relative committed this horrific act against me, but they are in the church. I am afraid of taking an action that might compromise them?

The challenge does not promote doing anything harmful to anyone in your life. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We encourage loving and truthful confrontations with those that we may have emotional unrest with. After using the techniques and tools in the book, you should be better equipped to handle such confrontations in a loving and meaningful way. Ideally using the suggestions in this challenge should leave your loved ones feeling convicted and not condemned, forgiven and not forsaken, accepted and not rejected. If your mother, father or close relative has hurt you in the past, this may be the opportunity to make things right and truly offer them the gift of forgiveness.

10. Cost is a big issue for me? What are some suggestions?

You will never be turned down because you cannot afford our services. However we encourage you to do the best you can, every time you can. Our counselors depend on their income to take care of their families and loved ones. While our services are not free, our counselors will work out a plan that works for your budget.

11. Why can’t I do this on my own by reading the book and just doing the exercises?

Sometimes, the problem we have is that we attempt to do everything on our own failing to see that we are social creatures, made to work and exist with others. Withdrawal or isolation is often symptoms of deeper emotional issues, and more so the reason, we should resist doing it alone. All our Counselors are well trained to be able to assist you in areas where you may not have the strength. It is the realization that we need each other, and the humbling of ourselves that healing can be found.

12. I have other mental health issues or addictions, how should I proceed with this challenge?

Addictions and other mental health issues should not conflict with your pursuit of emotional wellness. However if due to your mental health or addiction issues, you cannot commit or it would hinder your attendance, you should speak to your counselor about this issue and see if he/she may able to assist you in this manner. If you are currently attending AA, CA or other types of help/support groups, this challenge can work alongside such programs.

13. My issues are very shameful and I am afraid of judgment?

One of the reasons this program was designed was because many Christians struggle with this very issue. It is for this very reason all our counselors have taken a vow to be, (not just act) nonjudgmental and to have unconditional positive regard for everyone. All our counsellors can relate to the fear of judgment and shame. We all fall short so don’t consider yourself unique in this manner. It is unfortunate shame prevents us from getting the help we need and instead causes us to bury ourselves deeper in our issues. There are no issues God cannot hear, and we aspire to be the same. This is about overcoming and gaining victory once and for all.

14.How do I get my church involved?

Call our toll free number at 1-866.512.2275 or request a brochure by sending an email to us info

15. What’s this about using products to evangelize?

This movement is just that. We believe God will do some wonderful things with this challenge. While Christians are being blessed by doing their part, we can also take the message to the world by wearing God’s promises on our shirts, our mugs, posters etc. every opportunity we get. Our provocative messages about love and emotional wealth will definitely turn heads. All you have to do is wear them or use them, and let God do the rest.

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