What is an Emotional Millionaire?

An Emotional Millionaire is someone who has pursued the journey of emotional wellness by overcoming all emotional traps and endeavoring to live a joyous life free of offense.

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About Us

Alice Wiafe, the author of “How to Live as an Emotional Millionaire” was inspired by this challenge when as a Christian, she found herself struggling with feelings of despair, confusion and resentment at a critical point in her life. It was at this crossroads when she was given the revelation that the joy we all seek as Christians was hidden in a loving relationship with Christ, as well as loving relationships with others. Simply put, a critical part of our happiness was hidden in our willingness to work through the emotional baggage in painful relationships.

Since this revelation, Alice has dedicated her life to teaching Christians how to listen, nurture and work through their negative emotions in relationships. She is more passionate than ever that this is a high calling of every Christian. She challenges Christians to experience this truth for themselves and claim their joyful inheritance.

The Challenge

The challenge of the Emotional Millionaire is to become conscious and proactive in seeking to resolve every relational discord in a believer’s life. It is every believer’s mission to put away strife and become a peace maker. (Ephesian 4:31) Through this challenge, Christians will witness firsthand how God can transform negative emotional energy into the peace and joy we all seek.

Why Take the Challenge?

There are a many reasons why we should pursue relational and emotional discord. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to the following:

  • It allows us to truly enjoy the relationships with those people God has blessed with.
  • It allows us to find clarity in pursuing our God-given destiny in the work we do.
  • It makes us aware of our own emotional shortcomings—conscious and subconscious.
  • It teaches us how to successfully resolve emotional problems amicably and with minimal collateral damage.

MISSION STATEMENT - Teaching Christians how to become masters of their emotions rather than become enslaved by them

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